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Herbarium: about us

Herbarium is an importer of dried herbs and spices. Our office and wholesaler are located in north-central Poland, in Bydgoszcz. In the past years we offered products transported directly from the place of origin to our clients. To meet our customers expectation and for the best quality of our products we created a place you can visit personally. It gives you the opportunity to buy our products not only on-line and to see the quality and diversity of herbs and spices we offer. Relations with our clients are extremely important and every feedback means a lot to us, that is why we aim to provide high quality service for every buyer.

Why choose Herbarium?

Our company not only import products from Arabic countries but we also travel there to personally inspect crops. Thanks to knowledge of Arabic language we constantly stay in touch with local producers of best herbs and spices.
Why should you choose our imported ingredients?
In Africa there are the best climatic conditions for herbs such as basil, thyme, sage or many more from our offer to grow and for drying process.

Best quality

Perfect growing conditions guarantee high quality of our herbs and spices.

Customer service

We care! That is why we are committed to meet your expectations at every step of trade.

We are all over Europe

Our brand works globaly and offers products for Clients from various countries.

Crop control

Before we import natural goods we personally inspect crops used for production.

Our motto:

There is never a second chance to make first impression!
We constantly develop trusting that our products are not only cuisine ingredients, but they also represent lifestyle of our Clients, who love rich flavors and aromas. We wish our herbs and spices to be the source of inspiration for everyone, who cooks for themselves and their loved ones. Our goal is to provide you the highest quality products so as every dish you prepare will be both delicious and healthy.

Herbarium: check our offer of herbs and spices!

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Zioła i przyprawy oferta - papryka chili
Zioła i przyprawy oferta - czosnek
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